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Monday May 27, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino as he speaks with Kelli Schroeder, an expert in the franchising industry, particularly in the beauty and wellness sectors with WellBiz Brands. In this informative episode, Kelli shares her expertise on the strategic development and expansion of franchise brands.
What You'll Learn:
Key insights into the growth of multiple franchise brands within the beauty and wellness industry.
The critical role of selecting the right locations and understanding demographics for franchise success.
Effective strategies for supporting franchisees, including training and marketing, to foster sustainable business growth.
Gain valuable insights and practical strategies on managing and expanding a franchise operation, drawing from Kelli’s rich experience in the field.
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Kelli Schroeder: 
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Monday May 27, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino on “Brand Mavericks” as he interviews Jack Day of Meals of Hope, a nonprofit organization that fights hunger in America through an innovative franchise model. Learn about the organization's evolution from a simple concept to a national movement that has provided millions of meals to those in need.
What you'll learn:
The beginnings and mission of Meals of Hope and its development into a franchise opportunity.
How Meals of Hope meal packaging events work and their impact on the community.
The unique franchise model that allows individuals to support a meaningful cause while establishing a sustainable business.
Jack Day's personal motivations and his decision to become part of Meals of Hope.
Jack discusses the details of the non-profit's franchise system, how Meals of Hope collaborates with local communities, churches and businesses to host meal delivery events. He addresses the challenges of running a nonprofit in today's economy and the tactics used by Meals of Hope to maintain efficiency and expand its influence. Jack also shares the satisfaction he derives from a role that contributes to the well-being of the community and offers critical help to those in need.
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Jack Day: 
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Monday May 27, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino on "Brand Mavericks" for a fascinating talk with Eric Martin, a key figure in the expansion of Happiness Brands. Learn about the evolution of the company from Lawn Doctor to a diverse conglomerate including Sparkle Squad. Eric will share the advanced strategies that propelled the success of over 900 franchise locations across various service-oriented brands.
What You'll Learn:
The development and transformation of Happiness Brands from its beginnings.
How the company supports its franchisees with managed media and centralized sales.
The impact of Eric’s sales and business development background on his franchising success.
The unique challenges and benefits of growing service-based franchises.
Eric explores the creation of a supportive ecosystem for franchisees, emphasizing centralized resources like sales centers that enhance lead conversion and improve operations. He highlights the importance of customer retention and service quality in driving franchise growth. Additionally, Eric discusses Happiness Brands' careful selection process for incorporating new brands that match the company's values and market needs.
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Monday May 20, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino on "Brand Mavericks" as he interviews Taylor Meyer and Jill Devlin, the duo behind the nationwide expansion of Woofie’s franchise. Today's episode goes into how these franchise development managers are navigating the complexities of franchising and spearheading growth in the pet care industry with Woofie’s innovative business model combining mobile grooming, pet sitting, and dog walking services.
What You'll Learn:
Strategies driving Woofie’s swift expansion and its appeal to pet owners across the country.
Key insights into the franchising process, from selecting the right candidates to providing ongoing support.
How Woofie’s unique business model merges various pet care services to boost customer retention and value.
Taylor and Jill discuss their paths into franchising, sharing key lessons and experiences. They highlight the importance of blending passion with business acumen in the pet care industry and outline how Woofie’s is raising industry standards. They also elaborate on the robust support system offered by Wolfish Pet Ventures to its franchisees, promoting success from the outset.
Connect with:
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Taylor Meyer:
Jill Devlin:
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Monday May 20, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino on "Brand Mavericks" as he engages with Peter Kourounis, Franchise Development Director for 1-800-Plumber + Air. In this episode, Peter recounts his evolution in franchising, from his initial days working alongside his father to his leadership role in expanding a major plumbing and HVAC service franchise. Learn about Peter's effective strategies for franchise development and his insights on the industry's future.
What You'll Learn:
Peter's progression through the franchising landscape and his impact at 1-800-Plumber + Air.
The challenges and prospects of developing a service-based franchise in today's economy.
Essential advice for prospective franchisees on evaluating franchise opportunities and achieving success in the franchising realm.
Peter discusses the crucial steps in enlarging a franchise network, including the selection of franchisees who share the company’s ethos and ensuring they receive extensive support through training and operational guidance. He also covers the creative strategies 1-800-Plumber + Air implements to boost franchisee success, featuring unique training initiatives and community involvement programs.
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Peter Kourounis:
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Friday May 17, 2024

Join Neal DiPentino as he talks with Dana DeMarino, who has made great progress in the world of franchising. She started as a franchise owner and now leads the development efforts of Tippy Toes, a successful mobile dance company franchise. This episode explores the complexities of franchise management and growth, revealing Dana's influential role in the industry.
What you'll learn:
Dana's journey from owning a franchise to overseeing franchise development.
Strategies for fostering successful growth and management within a franchise.
How Dana manages her extensive duties along with her personal franchise projects.
Dana shares her experience in franchising and how it has influenced her approach to business. She offers practical advice to those interested in becoming franchisees or developers, and highlights the rewards and challenges of the industry. Dana also offers insight into his day-to-day activities and the satisfaction he gets from helping franchisees achieve success.
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Thursday Apr 25, 2024

In this episode of Brand Mavericks, Neal DiPentino chats with Doug Patel. From his roots in property management to mastering the art of wellness franchising, Doug shares his transition into health services and his mission to spread wellness through franchising.
What you'll learn:
Doug's entrepreneurial journey from property management to launching wellness centers.
The challenges and successes of adapting a franchise model to the wellness industry.
The growing trend of health and wellness franchising.
Join us as Doug delves into how he turned Liquivida into a thriving franchise, his approach to business in the wellness sector and his strategies for maintaining a successful wellness brand. Discover the unique aspects of franchising in the health and wellness sector and how Doug plans to expand his impact.
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Doug Patel: 
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Developed by Titan Media Worx, this episode is designed to inspire entrepreneurs interested in the intersection of healthcare and business excellence. Tune in for more stories like Doug's that motivate and inform aspiring business leaders.
Listen now and be inspired to consider how you can integrate wellness into your business strategy with Doug Patel's insightful journey.

Friday Apr 19, 2024

Join us on "Brand Mavericks" for an episode with Mary Pang, Forever Young's Director of Franchise Development. Hosted by Neal DiPentino, this episode explores Mary's background in franchising and Forever Young's approach that combines health and business. 
Discover how Forever Young goes beyond traditional beauty standards, making holistic wellness services available along with aesthetic improvements. Mary talks about the ideal franchisee profile, the strong owner support system and Forever Young's impressive growth trajectory. 
Connect for an enlightening conversation that could be your first step toward franchise success with Forever Young.
Connect with:
Neal DiPentino:
Mary Pang

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Join us on this episode of Brand Mavericks as we explore franchising in a deeper way with Robert Haar, President of Best Franchise Options, LLC.
Robert reveals the layers of knowledge and experience he has gained over the years, guiding countless individuals on their journey to franchising success
What you'll learn:
The anatomy of a successful franchise and how to identify the right opportunities.
The relationship between franchisee and franchisor and the importance of a perfect match for mutual success.
An inside look at the emerging franchise sectors that are leading the way for innovative companies.
The transformative power of local community ownership and the benefits it brings to franchisees.
The perspective of Robert, whose extensive experience goes from the trenches as a franchisee to advising as a high-level consultant, providing a 360-degree view of the franchise landscape.
Connect with
Neal DiPentino:
Robert Haar 
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Tune in to this episode for a complete overview of franchising with Robert Haar, and get on the road to building your own business empire!

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Get into the franchise industry with Neal DiPentino as he sits down with Kelsey Stuart, CEO of Bloomin' Blinds. 
In this episode, Kelsey talks about the founding days of Bloomin' Blinds to becoming a franchise guru. Discover the challenges and wins of franchising, the importance of fitting into a franchise system, and Kelsey's perspective on innovation and support in the franchise world.
Key Insights:
The role of system fit and franchisee-franchisor alignment.
The evolution of Bloomin' Blinds and growth turning points.
How to get through the ins and outs of franchising: The questions every potential franchisee needs to ask themselves.
Join us as Kelsey shares helpful tips for both experienced and aspiring entrepreneurs. Whether you're considering a franchise opportunity or simply looking for business ideas, this episode is full of wisdom.
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Kelsey Stuart: 
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